Sisterhood & Other Bonds

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-awa[2]Carol Kilgore has been kind enough to award me with this Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Thanks, Carol! Any of my fellow sister bloggers are free to take it along to their own blogs. (Yes, I know it’s lazy of me not to name a bunch of people, but I’m really busy these days.)

I’m nearly done with St. Peter at the Gate, but I wrote a wrenching near-death scene yesterday and am worn out emotionally. I’ve bonded with Peter in a way I never have with any other character. So for his sake, I’m also worn out with trying not to make his experience too cliché. It’s hard work, being a writer. There is a mine field of things to avoid.

But there are payoffs. Like finding out the screen version of “Warm Bodies” (still don’t know if they’re changing that title) is in editing now. Mind-boggling to think I’m about to have my first film credit.

And coming up: Blogger Book Fair, week of July 22. Stop by here to meet all my guest authors and bloggers and such.

So, yes, very busy. Haven’t left the house in over two days, so I think today I may need to get out a bit . . .

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  1. Dropping by after reading Carol Kilgore’s blog. Your blog about your recent writing I found honest and entertaining. I can see why you are successful. I’m strictly an amateur blogger.

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