The Thrill of It All

You can sign up for this blogfest here. The task is to write something—fictional or true—about a thrilling time or event.

I’ve had some thrills lately (script being licensed for a movie would top the list), but I’m going to reach way back and talk about something that happened when I was an undergrad. My freshman year I was kind of a hermit and didn’t make many friends; instead I spent a lot of my time reading and writing. And one thing I used to write was fan fiction.

Now, before I knew there was such a thing as fan fiction, I wrote these stories just for me and my best friend to laugh over. But then someone told me about ‘zines . . . I wish I could remember that moment of discovery, that lots of people wrote and read these kinds of stories. (Of course, with the Internet, ‘zines fell by the wayside.)

Whatever. The point is, I began to be known as a pretty good fan fiction author. You know, for someone who was all of 18. And I actually got invited to a convention as the Guest Fanfic Author. It was the most surreal experience. I flew down and one of the convention runners picked me up at the airport. They put me up in a hospitality suite. Took me to dinner. And all during this long weekend, people came to chat with me, asked me to sign copies of their ‘zines, even wanted pictures taken with me. They would engage me in these bizarre conversations . . . An exhausting time, but I enjoyed it. It was quite the thrill to go from shy nobody on a huge university campus to someone so admired in a room full of people.

I gave up fan fiction not long after. My classes got more demanding, life got more interesting, I made some really great friends. But that convention remains a bright spot in my rear view. For a girl who felt like she didn’t much matter, that one weekend made her a star.

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10 thoughts on “The Thrill of It All”

    1. Well, like any writer I was thrilled to learn people liked my work! But also like many writers, all the attention sometimes made me want to go hide. I do like poking my head out of my hole from time to time, though.

  1. a movie!!! wow!!
    and thats not your thrill? double wow!

    but i know what you mean. that first moment of approval is where the thrill starts, like the first hill of the rollercoaster, its still an exciting ride, but the first hill was the biggest thrill =)

    thanks for joining us!

    1. It’s the realization that your words can reach more than you and your best friend . . . That your writing is welcomed and even really liked by others, complete strangers . . . That’s a wonderful feeling.

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