I love animals. I don’t own any at the moment because I have three kids to keep me busy and new furniture that I’d like to keep looking new for as long as possible (which is difficult enough with three kids, never mind if there were animals in the house). But I have plenty outside the house: a couple of squirrels, several very fat robins, at least one baby skunk that has turned up in the yard, a neighborhood cat, and hummingbirds.

In particular, I have one mamma hummer. She is nesting in one of the trees in my special side garden, which is off limits to all but me. I might not even have noticed her except I’d gone to hang a gris-gris in the tree only to have this hummingbird flying around my head. I understood that she wouldn’t be coming so close if she weren’t alarmed, and as I looked up and to my left I saw her little cuplike nest on branch just above my head. I finished tying up my charm and assured the little bird that I would not trouble her again. I’ve since gone to check on her, finding her settled on her eggs, and I’m expecting to see and hear some tiny baby birds soon (the incubation period is two to three weeks). In fact, I’ve been back to my garden many times, but she seems to understand I mean no harm as she has not gotten so agitated again.

Tomorrow I must go take down my gris-gris (it was a nine-day charm). I will try to do it quickly so as to cause minimal distress to my mamma hummer.

ETA: She did not even move from her nest when I came for the gris-gris. She has become used to me, I think, and knows I won’t disturb her or her eggs.

2 thoughts on “Hummingbird”

  1. That is so neat! I’m eager to hear about the babies. We used to have a hummingbird feeder attached to our deck, but it attracted too many ants. After a few days of us sitting out there, the hummingbirds would ignore us and come feed while we were there.

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