A to Z Reflections & An Award

I did it! I survived my first A–Z Challenge! And I had so much fun with it, too.

For those who didn’t visit, my A–Z project was to take Peter and Charles, the main characters of St. Peter in Chains, on a trip around the world. Each post was a place beginning with the letter of the day. Some were longer than others, but really it was like a series of snapshots of their post-novella life together. The A–Z is the bridge between St. Peter in Chains and the forthcoming St. Peter at the Gate (due out in June; I’m writing it now).

My favorite letters/posts were H, O & W.

I also enjoyed U because I wrote it from Charles’s point of view (the novellas are all from Peter’s POV, and so most of the posts were too, but so many people wanted to see from Charles’s side, I gave in a little).

I really enjoyed finding other fun blogs to read during A–Z as well. I tried to visit lots from the list, and there were a few that were so good I went back pretty much every day, or at least as often as I could.

I hope next year I can participate again. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to find another such fun subject. I really enjoy spending time with Peter and Charles . . . Though maybe by the time I’m done with St. Peter at the Gate I’ll be well and truly sick of them!

I wanted to add that Christine Rains gave me this Zombie Rabbit Award for entertaining her during the A–Z. I’m glad I entertained someone, anyway!

Not sure why it’s a zombie rabbit, but I’d like to give this award to a fellow blogger who entertained me during the month of April:

Suzi @ Literary Engineer who did an A–Z of horror movies. Yay, Suzi! I don’t watch many horror flicks because I can’t stomach gore (do love a good psychological thriller, though). But Suzi’s summaries and critiques were awesome. And I appreciated the scales she used so I could figure out whether a movie might be too gory for me. Thanks, Suzi! You’ve earned a permanent spot on my links list.

8 thoughts on “A to Z Reflections & An Award”

  1. Well thank you. Never gotten that one before. I liked your posts too. It was fun seeing a few of those cities I’ve never even heard of, and it got me interested in their story. So I suppose that’s a good thing for you! So I will get to it sometime. Maybe by the time you release #2 cause I hate waiting for sequels. 🙂

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