S is for . . .

SALZBURG?” Peter asked, and then, unable to help himself, “Why?”

Charles turned his head to look out the hotel window, the spring sunlight slanting over his features and making the blue eyes seem somehow paler than usual. He looked tired, Peter realized, and maybe there was nothing more to be said. They’d been traveling for months, having fun of course, but the bare truth was they were homeless. And exhausted.

“It’s spring,” Charles said, “and Salzburg seems lovely in the spring.”

If you’re coming in late, go here for an explanation of what’s going on. Rest assured you needn’t read all of the alphabet to enjoy these installments! Though they utilize the same core characters, each letter is independent.

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3 thoughts on “S is for . . .”

  1. Spring? What’s that? I hear birds chirping, sometimes see the sun, but there’s too much snow on the ground. Maybe I should check out Salzburg. 🙂

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