A–Z Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow the A–Z Challenge begins. For those of you who may have missed it, I’ll be using Peter and Charles, my main characters from the award-winning St. Peter in Chains, as my A–Z springboard. You won’t have to have read St. Peter in Chains to follow the challenge, but I do hope you’ll consider giving it a read sometime.

In the challenge, I will use each letter for a place name as Peter and Charles travel the globe. They are exiled from Great Britain, but there’s a big world out there for them to explore. Peter has seen most of it already, but Charles has never traveled and is very excited to see it all.

My A–Z is designed to bridge St. Peter in Chains and the forthcoming sequel St. Peter at the Gate, which opens with Peter and Charles having settled in Salzburg.

I hope you’ll stop by for some travel snapshots and get to know Peter and Charles a little better!

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