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The K-Pro & Maritime Signal Flags

Another little tidbit of trivia about my new novel The K-Pro: The necklace Andra wears is from a company called Style Newport. This company makes charms, earrings and such based on the alphabetical code of International Maritime Signal Flags. Andra wears a “C” for “Cassandra,” which Alfred reads as “Charlie” when he first meets her because that’s the code word for “C.” This particular flag also means “yes” or “affirmative,” and Alfred teases Andra about this a bit too.

I got the idea for Andra’s necklace because while on a trip to Newport I was given my Maritime Signal Flag pendant (the letter “M,” natch; later I was given matching earrings). And since “M” stands for “Mike” I was once asked if I was married to someone named Mike, or if I was married to a doctor (because the “M” flag can mean you have a medical officer aboard your ship—interesting they didn’t bother to ask if I were a doctor) . . . At least they didn’t ask if I was “stopped and making no way,” though sometimes when I’m stuck in my writing, that’s how it feels.



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