The K-Pro Officially Released!


The big day has arrived! You can now get your copy of The K-Pro in a variety of formats:

Or read the first chapter for free here!

Andra Martineau is no ordinary young woman. She’s a Klêidouchos Propylaia (K-Pro for short), which means she has the unique ability to help certain people get exactly what they want. And Andra is good at her job—her clients have gone on to become a veritable who’s who of the rich and famous.

David Styles is an up-and-coming actor with everything going for him: looks, talent, and countless beautiful women vying for his attention. But when Andra turns up in his bed demanding to know what he wants, his perfect world starts to spiral out of control. And it’s not just his reputation on the line—what David doesn’t know can certainly harm him, in ways he couldn’t possibly begin to imagine.

With the help of David’s incorrigible costar, Andra begins to realize not only her own true nature, but David’s hidden identity as well. Andra is forced to battle not only her attraction to David (and she never gets involved with clients), but the being within him that wants to take away everything she holds dear.

As David continues to lose himself to the strengthening form within him, Andra navigates the jealousies of the film’s director and David’s would-be paramour in an effort to save him.

She can make others’ wishes come true . . . But can she grant her own?

Funny, readable, and populated with a host of entertaining personalities, The K-Pro is a fast-paced contemporary fantasy with a touch of romance.

So far the reviews have been good, too:

“I’d recommend “The K-Pro” to readers of contemporary fiction whether or not they’re fans of fantasy—this isn’t fantasy in the “quest through a made-up world” sense, but in the sense that it takes our own world and douses it in a little magic. This is a charming, well-written and well-plotted book that makes me look forward to more by this author.” –Erica Lucas

“This novel has everything that you want in a good fantasy novel . . . The characters are easy to fall in love with.” –J. Hollister

And once you’ve bought your copy of The K-Pro, please hop over to Christine Rains’ blog. She’s helping me celebrate this release by hosting an article I’ve written about my adventures in self-publishing. It’s been quite the learning curve, but it helps to have a marketer in the family. Still, even if you don’t have personal access to a marketing guru, I give a few tips for self-publishing success. So go take a look!

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