Moving Up in the World?

Today I got an unsolicited e-mail from JustFiction saying they were interested in publishing “The K-Pro.” Flattering as it sounds, all my red alert signals went off. It’s a writer’s dream to have a publisher waltz up and ask to publish them, but any writer worth his or her salt knows the reality is, it’s never that easy.

First I looked at the JustFiction site. Not a lot there, and (though they admit to being new) their catalogue of books was very small. Nothing I’d ever heard of, and the covers were stock, not individually designed. Hmm.

So then I did the general Google search for information, and thank goodness for sites like the Writer Beware blogs. Need to add them to my blogroll . . .

So yes, I’m kind of sad that JustFiction doesn’t appear to be a legitimate, viable option for my getting published. But I’m glad to know that now instead of finding out to my detriment later.

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