Time Off

I’ve discovered that, for me, trying to take a few days off from writing is like trying to take a few days off from breathing. Life feels weird—not right—when I’m not in the midst of some writing project or another.

I have plenty to keep me busy, mind. Yesterday I did grocery shopping and also had my hair and nails done in advance of the conference this weekend. Today there’s lots of laundry to do, and bathrooms to clean, and I have to take the kids to their dentist appointments. Usually I would be annoyed that these necessary errands were interrupting my writing flow. Today I’m just sort of . . . lost.

On the good news front: another producer wants to read the St. Peter script. It’s good to have interest, and to have the script circulating. Ideally, someone will eventually step up to the plate and turn it into an actual movie. But maybe this one is destined to be my “calling card” script. We’ll see.

And now back to . . . something . . . that’s not writing . . . Although if I just print out the play and look it over right quick . . .

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