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The K-Pro

I’d say it’s like being in labor, but I have three children, and honestly? This is harder. (What can I say? I was built to have quick and easy labors, but having a novel spring out of your head like Athena is far more painful.)

The K-Pro is now in its final copy edit. Then it will go to be formatted.

Ready and waiting for its final edit.
Ready and waiting for its final edit.

I’ve dedicated the book to Benedict because he was my initial inspiration, though looking at it now, I don’t think I’d have him play David Styles. Maybe more of a David Tennant role (if DT had blue eyes and were slightly younger, though he might could still pull it off). Definitely Dame Judi Dench as David’s mother. (My David. Not David Tennant. Though I’m sure he’d be honored if she were his mother. But he maybe likes the one he has.) Emily Blunt as Liz, then, and all other roles are up for grabs. I have good mental images of the characters but no corresponding actors spring to mind.

Anyway, as much fun as it’s been, I’ll be glad to be done with this one. Getting this story out hurt in a way I’m not used to—as I said, I normally have such smooth labors. This one was born breech or something. Hopefully it won’t suffer any lasting defects for all that.



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