In Development

Yesterday I chatted with a director/producer. He’d read some of my work and was (is, I suppose I should say) particularly interested in one of my plays. He’d like to turn it into a feature film.

So now I’m finishing up The K-Pro and then I’ll be turning my energy and attention to scripting this movie.

It’s good for me to have priorities. Otherwise, I’m liable to drift from project to project like a bee goes from flower to flower. I do eventually get things done, but it’s faster if I have motivation and/or a deadline.

If all goes well I’ll have a preliminary script done by late March or early April. (I expect K-Pro to publish sometime this month, and since I’m scripting from an existing play, I think—hope—the first draft of the film version will be relatively quick and, dare I say, painless?)

After the script, I’ll go back to St. Peter at the Gate. That about does up the first half of my year. Break in London in July and attack whatever comes after, well, after.

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