January Recap

So, here are the stats for January. In the “wins” column:

  • My short script took grand prize in Table Read My Screenplay
  • . . . and had a table read at Sundance
  • Producers are reading my scripts now
  • . . . and one wants to chat with me next week
  • It was the best month yet for my Amazon Kindle books

As for “losses”:

  • Two rejections for my plays
  • Three rejections from literary agents
  • One of the publishers who was supposed to publish some of my work folded (and so my work will go unpublished, at least through them)
  • More of my work failed to make the finals in another competition

In short, the wins are more amorphous than the losses, which are rather concrete. It’s hard to get excited about the idea something may come of something; I like to have the bird in my hand before I celebrate having caught it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to cement some wins in February. Besides chatting with a producer, I’ll be attending the San Francisco Writers Conference. And The K-Pro will release some time in February, too, though I’m not yet ready to announce a date.

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