Return of the Dream Kings

After a long hiatus, Neil [Gaiman] and Benedict [Cumberbatch] returned to my dreams the past nights. Neil had asked me to bring a special sort of box to bury his dog in. It was a white box with a bright blue pillow case-like covering. This was strange to me since usually when he appears in my dreams he is helping me with something (most likely my writing, but on at least one occasion we were covering up a murder).

And Benedict, well . . . It was once again one of those situations where we had no direct contact. He was the youngest son of a wealthy family (they may have been plantation owners on some tropical island), and there was some seriously messed up stuff going on in his family, perpetrated by him, and I’ll leave it at that. Except to say later in the dream I went to visit this plantation which had mass graves that one could peek into and see all the bones.

Rob [Thomas] was in a few dreams a while back, but I haven’t seen Bono in ages. And then I heard he figures into the finale of American Horror Story somehow? And between that and the fact that one character was named Pepper (I was somewhat insulted by that, btw, though the character was a strong-spirited one), I’m starting to think they’re messing with me. Jackasses. (Though I’m sane enough to know better. Really. I am.)

By the way, it’s the last day to get St. Peter in Chains free for Kindle. So go do it if you haven’t already.

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