Adventures in The Dreaming

A few days back I posted about my seven-year-old son having nightmares, and how I told him to take it up with Morpheus, the Dream King (of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics). I asked him the day after that how it had gone, and he told me that, when he’d demanded to see Dream, the nightmares threw him out of The Dreaming because they were afraid he’d get them in trouble with their boss. (In short, he woke up.)

Some days later my son informed me he’d seen Morpheus from a distance but hadn’t had the chance to speak with him.

And then I was informed that Morpheus’ dragon had begun making regular visits to take my son on trips each night. My son was very specific about this: he climbs on the dragon’s back and is flown to an underwater cave, but there is air inside the cave, and they spend the night listening to music and eating and laughing and talking and playing . . . There may be servants involved. “This is Morpheus’ dragon?” I asked, and my son assured me that it was. “A blue dragon? A water dragon?” I asked but my son said no, it is golden in color.

Finally, it seems my son did at least see the Dream King up close, though he wasn’t sure or couldn’t remember whether they’d had any conversation. I was made to promise that I would join them tonight for tea. “Because in The Dreaming you can have whatever kind of cake you like,” my son said.

And so I’m off to have tea with Morpheus and my son tonight. Good night to you all.

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