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What Goes Up . . .

I spoke too soon on a previous post about how wonderful the year has been so far. Well, it has been wonderful, but we’re also only 15 days in, so . . .

As they say, “What goes up must come down.” Well. I’ve had one of my plays rejected (and then to add insult to injury, they keep sending me notices about the other plays that have been short-listed for production). And I’ve had a brush off by an agent. You know the kind: “Thanks but no thanks, have a nice life.” Sometimes I do think I’d rather they not respond at all.

Well, whatever. This table read is coming up in ten days, and even if nothing more comes of it, it’s still an accomplishment, right? To have your script read at Sundance? (Please tell me it is. I’m looking for some encouragement here.) And maybe, just maybe, I’ll network with some cool people at the San Francisco Writers Conference next month. In fact, it’s exactly one month from today that I’ll be going. So that’s good, too. Right? Right?

It’s hard not to feel your heart crack a little whenever the weight of a rejection is laid upon it. I realize it’s part of the process, and that strong hearts are required for exactly this reason. But sometimes it’s too much in too little a time. Bad news in threes? Should I expect one more rejection soon?


Onward then. Back to work. It’s all I can do, just keep trudging forward.



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