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The Beginnings Blogfest

Hosted here by L.G. Keltner.

When did you begin writing and/or blogging?

I began writing really young. I had always liked to read, and it wasn’t a huge jump to wanting to tell my own stories. When I was sixish, I began writing and illustrating these journals/newspapers for my friends—I even included a crossword! Then, in second grade Fridays were writing days, and I took the writing prompts very seriously, so I think by then I already had the idea I wanted to be a writer. By the time I was eleven or twelve, I was writing more complex and serious stories, though they were usually based on my favorite television shows and movies. Early fan fiction, I guess.

Middle school and high school showed my first real attempts at original fiction, though looking back at those stories now I see they were mostly rip-offs of Stephen King and the like. I was popular in high school for circulating a kind of soap opera story that would make the rounds in a red notebook, and then when I got it back, I would write the next installment and around it would go again. (This is the point at which a friend gave me the criticism that I never described what people were eating. I will never forget that. Readers want to know what the characters are eating.)

As for blogging, I started my first blog (my personal blog) back in 2002 as a way to keep in touch with friends and family far away, people who ostensibly were interested in what I was doing. But it was also a good way to be able to remember things, big moments and small. A lot of my posts were about the irritations encountered in my then office job and such. Nowadays it’s mostly a dream journal, since the day-to-day adventures typically end up on Facebook.

In 2009 I launched spooklights, which reviews books, television, movies and music. It’s my most popular site.

Later, when I left the publishing world and began to really focus on my writing again, not just as a fun hobby but as a career, I started this site. (I had tried from time to time to create other sites for my writing, but none really stuck.) This site launched on 18 June 2011. If you’ve never set foot here before now, welcome. And if you’re returning, welcome back. You’ll find PepperWords to be an odd mix of news about my writing, short pieces of fiction that pop into my head and demand to be written down, and other odds and ends about writing and publishing in general. I hope you enjoy it and come back soon, as well as think about visiting my other places on the Web. (Stop by and say hello to Sherlock if nothing else. He gets cranky when he thinks he’s being ignored.)



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