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Dear Jim

We do not have the Elf on the Shelf. We have Jim.

Of course, Jim is sort of the antithesis of the Elf on the Shelf in that he actually causes trouble as opposed to preventing the children from being naughty. Jim is the naughty one, and each morning the kids delight in informing me where they’ve found him and what he’s up to.

He’s been known to ride my daughter’s bike . . .
. . . and to hide in my boots . . .
. . . to climb the light fixtures . . .
. . . and hang out in the kitchen . . .
. . . and even attempt to disarm the security system.

Jim, as you see, is quite the rascal. I am greeted many mornings with, “Mom, we found the bad guy!” (This is what the children call him, though I’ve also heard “Mor-dee-ar-dee” which makes me think he manufactures canned pasta.) The children consider it their duty to keep an eye on Jim; it would never occur to them he might be watching them.



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