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Last Wednesday night—or really, very early Thursday morning—I finished the first full draft of The K-Pro. It needs a lot of editing. But it’s nice to have one complete draft to work with. Meanwhile, I’m also still planning to finish that sequel to “St. Peter in Chains” too. And possibly (probably) write another Sherlock Holmes story, since those are what I get the most requests for.

And so here, as we near the final month of 2012, is where I stand with my goals:

  • Finish “St. Peter in Chains”
  • Finish The K-Pro
  • Finish the spec script
  • Get at least one more play accepted for production somewhere

I did finish (and publish) “St. Peter in Chains.” I have finished a draft of The K-Pro, which sort of counts as “finishing” it and sort of not. (Admittedly, though, when I made that goal I thought it would be a short story, not a novel.) I finished the spec script some time ago (for all the good it’s done me). And “Warm Bodies” got accepted to a second festival—and also for publication in an anthology—but I’ve had no new plays accepted anywhere, so again I only count that as a semi-realized goal.

What are there, five weeks left in the year? It’s been a pretty good one, but it could rocket to the top of all-time best years if I could just get some good news for Christmas or my birthday.

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