4 thoughts on ““Mystery of the Last Line” Free on Amazon”

  1. I downloaded “The Mystery of the Last Line” to my Kindle when it was free. It has now disappeared from Amazon. The prequel “Adventure of Ichabod Reed” is not there, either. Do you have an explanation? Where can I get “Ichabod Reed”?

    (Also, FWIW, Riffle won’t let me add “Last Line” to my book list, since it can’t find it in its database, apparently.)

    1. Sorry about that. The stories have been down for a while now. My marketing person was hoping I’d finish the Holmes story I’m working on and then he was going to repackage them together. Alas, other work has become more pressing for me. I’ll talk to him about getting the first two back up in the meantime. Thanks for your interest—you’re the first person to mention them at all since they were taken down!

  2. Thanks for the response. I do hope you can get them back up. I can’t even post a review of “Last Line”! I know nothing about how Amazon manages their ebook inventory, but after downloading the book awhile ago, I finally got around to reading it. I enjoyed it very much.

    1. The fastest way may be for me to just finish the Holmes story I’m working on! But I am glad you enjoyed “Last Line.” Fun fact: I wrote that one as part of a grad school application, never expecting it to see the light of day. But it’s been my most popular story!

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