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By the Numbers

October isn’t quite over yet, but I got impatient and demanded some stats from my manager. I wanted to know the big picture for how my e-books have been doing. Turns out, they’re doing rather well.

For October (so far, as of yesterday evening) I have 820 sales and downloads worldwide. More than two-thirds of those were in the UK, so kisses to my overseas readers.

I published my first e-title on 26 June. Since then I’ve had a total of 6479 total downloads and sales worldwide, which works out to about 1600+ per month. Now, the majority of these have been free promotional copies, but for me it’s mostly about reaching an audience. So I’m pleased with these numbers. (For the curious, I average 154 paid copies per month, which still isn’t bad.)

And October was the first month since June that I haven’t published anything new. As I’ve said, though, I’m hoping to have The K-Pro out in November. It’s a much longer work, and different from my other stuff, but also possibly more commercial in some ways.

Also, my reviews have been on the up, so I’m pleased about that as well.

And now, since The K-Pro isn’t going to write itself . . .



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