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Two Weeks to AFF

I’m two weeks away from the Austin Film Festival, looking over the schedule of panels and films and trying to figure out where to be and when. There are a couple panels I signed up for in advance, but other things remain up in the air. Certainly I’d like to learn more about independent filmmaking, since that seems like the most likely and possible route for St. Peter to get made as a short. And anything about breaking in would be good. Funny how after all this time, I’m still “breaking in.” How do you know when you’re finally in? (I guess when they’re calling you instead of you calling them.)

And then there are the “conversation” panels with lots of great speakers. Marti Noxon. Damon Lindelof. Chris Carter. And I have a ticket to the awards luncheon. And I’m hoping to get in on a roundtable, though I’m not sure which one.

On top of all this conference stuff are the films. It is a film festival, after all. I need to look through the list and go read the descriptions and figure out which I have the time to see, and which of those I actually want to see. Because I also have friends in Austin I’m planning to visit. And there’s all that food, too. Gotta make time for that.

By the end of all this, I expect to be an exhausted heap. In a good way. I hope to make a lot of connections and learn a lot while I’m out there. Look out, Austin. M is coming back to play.



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