The End Result of My Painting

Here, then, are three of the four paintings I’ve done, now hanging over my headboard. I know I’m no special talent, but I’m pleased with the end result of my work, given I have zero training in visual arts. The paintings are called (left to right): “A Study in Crimson,” “Jaune,” and “Broken.”

My fourth painting is “World’s End.” It’s different enough not to really fit in with these, and anyway, there was only space for three above the bed. Not sure what I’ll do with this one.

Don’t think there’s room for it in my office. Maybe one of the kids will want it in his or her room.

That’s all my painting for the moment. If I get the itch again, I might go buy more canvas. In the meantime, I really should think about my next writing project (or which of the ones I’ve started I most feel like finishing). And I also need to mentally prepare for AFF in a couple more weeks . . . Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what I’m thinking about stuff like Doctor Who and Revolution, you should certainly go over to spooklights; I try to put at least one new article up each day or two, so there’s always something worth checking out.

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