Thank You, Readers

I want to thank everyone who made the “St. Peter in Chains” promo this past weekend such a huge success. I do think it’s interesting that I have almost twice as many readers in the UK as the US; I love you, too, Britannia!

I am considering a sequel. I’ve had a few requests for one; people seem to want to know what happens to Peter and Charles. Right now I’m mulling over the possibilities.

My big dream, of course, is to fashion “St. Peter” into a short, independent film. It wouldn’t be difficult, nor do I think it would be very expensive (as far as filming goes) because it is a quiet story and there are no big chase scenes or any of the kind of thing that would require the big money. And one can find good, solid dramatic actors in all tiers of the profession. Though I think the character of Peter might be a draw for a name, since it is the kind of role that demands a lot and thus could be very rewarding.

Well, one can dream. And if I do write a sequel, I might even be able to put both novellas together into a full-length feature script. How fun would that be?

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