Freeman . . . s (or, A Post About Old Guys)

I suppose I’ll start by saying Happy Birthday to Martin Freeman. He was already old, but now he’s, you know, even older. (Good for you for still being alive! Have some cake!)

And speaking of people named Freeman, last night I went and saw Raiders of the Lost Ark on IMAX. First movie I can ever remember seeing in a cinema (at age 5, there, now who’s old?) and last night I had the treat of getting to see it even bigger than before. It’s a classic, after all. And my favorite scene is the one between Paul Freeman’s Belloq and Ford’s iconic Indiana Jones at the bar in Cairo. Freeman holds that scene. He owns it. In fact, when it comes to Raiders, Freeman holds pretty much every scene he’s in. There’s a sort of center of gravity to him, a cohesion. It’s pretty cool to watch, really.

I also always get a kick out of seeing young Anthony Higgins as Gobler. He cuts such a dashing figure for a Nazi. Of course, Tony Higgins is older than my dad, so . . . You know, if we’re going with the “old guys” theme today. Which we seem to be.

Speaking of which, my dad’s birthday is in a couple more days, too. Gotta get on that . . .

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