2012 Thus Far

Thought it might be interesting to take a quick inventory of all that’s happened thus far this year. The good and the bad.

  • Scott interviewed for a new job (mid-January).
  • I made travel arrangements for my trip to London (mid-January).
  • I wrote and finished my novella “St. Peter in Chains” (January).
  • Scott was offered the job in San Francisco and accepted (early February).
  • My play “Warm Bodies” was produced and was a finalist at the Valley Repertory 3rd Annual Lab Works (late February).
  • Movers packed up our house, and after a couple nights at a hotel we flew to San Francisco and moved into temp housing (mid-March).
  • I flew to Boston for a night, then on to London for a 10-day stay, then back to Boston and home to San Fran (March-April).
  • While in London I: converted “St. Peter in Chains” into a short screenplay, saw two plays, and celebrated Easter alone.
  • I submitted the screenplay version of “St. Peter in Chains” to the Nicholl Fellowship (April).
  • An area agent and an agency in the UK asked to look at my Sherlock spec; the UK agency also asked to read “St. Peter in Chains” (April)
  • We sold our house in Massachusetts (April).
  • I found out three pieces of my flash fiction had been accepted to be published in a 2013 anthology (May).
  • The agent declined to represent me and the UK agency did not respond to my follow-up query (May).
  • Scott’s parents visited and Scott and I celebrated our 11th anniversary by staying at El Drisco, eating at a fancy restaurant, and seeing Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers play at the Red Devil Lounge. Scott also gave me a gorgeous ring (May).
  • We moved out of temp housing and into a new house in Livermore (May).
  • I flew to Washington D.C. to see “Warm Bodies” produced as part of the Source Festival, and also got a chance to meet and spend the day with one of Scott’s high school friends who until then I’d only known online (June).
  • Scripts sent to Script Pipeline and the Page Awards did not advance (June-July).
  • After repeated rejections, I self-published the novella version of “St. Peter in Chains” as an e-book; it’s had steadily increasing sales (late June).
  • Encouraged by the success of “St. Peter in Chains,” I also self-published “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Last Line.” It has outpaced “St. Peter” by a large margin and has been especially popular in the UK (July).
  • I did not advance in the Nicholl Fellowship (early August).
  • I self-pubbed my Star Signs Operating Manual (August).
  • I found out my play “Warm Bodies” was to be published in an upcoming anthology of short plays (August).
  • I was invited to submit a full-length play to a competition that only accepts full-length plays via invitation (August).
  • I did not advance in the Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition (August).

So . . . A mixed bag. I’ve left out the fact that a small army of query letters has gone without response. I’m chipping away, you see, but I wouldn’t mind a bit more success. The year is two-thirds over. Not sure what else I can hope to accomplish. I am working on another Sherlock Holmes story, and I am hoping to submit something to that playwriting competition. I’m also hoping some other plays I’ve submitted to various venues get selected for production. And more than anything I’d like these scripts I’ve written to get some notice. That, for me, would be the big win.

5 thoughts on “2012 Thus Far”

    1. I did watch Doctor Who. I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t buy Matt Smith as a heavy; he’s not at all intimidating and just can’t pull off fierce. I see how Moffat is trying to make the Daleks more interesting by giving them a way out of that slow and cumbersome shape of theirs (i.e., making them “human”), so I expect to see a lot of that now . . . Some of the dialogue was more cliché than clever (as in: “On a scale of ten . . . Eleven.” Ugh. Typical Moffat). . . But the story (plot, idea) itself was good. And next week looks like it might be fun.

  1. I didn’t like Matt as the heavy either. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the humanization of the Daleks. It was interesting, but I’ll never feel any sympathy for them.

    It’s sad that Amy and Rory will only be around until the fifth episode and then a new companion is coming in at Christmas. Rory has really grown on me. I like him much better than Amy.

    1. They’ve tried in a couple story lines (“A Good Man Goes to War” for example) to make Matt’s version of The Doctor darker and more angry, but to me it just feels like bad acting. David could pull off intense, but Matt’s big claim is more like frantic or manic. When they make him try to be too serious, I want to roll my eyes and say, “Oh, please.”

      I do love Rory. Amy started out kind of fun but quickly began to lean toward obnoxious.

  2. I agree with so much of this. I like Matt Smith, but couldn’t figure out what bothered me about him. Y’all nailed it. The heavy is what I don’t buy.

    Also, zombie/undead Daleks!?! o_O

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