Places I’ll Be

Mostly I’m a hermit—writers are often like that, in order to write—but I have two conferences coming up, so people wanting to meet me (and not ambush me at home or at the store or, as happened once, while I’m at the Doctor Who Experience) can plan accordingly.

18-21 October 2012—Austin Film Festival, Austin, TX. I don’t know my schedule yet, and I do have real and actual friends to visit on top of attending, but I’ll be around and probably even wearing a name tag.

14-17 February 2013—San Francisco Writers Conference, San Francisco, CA. Now that I live out here, I am technically a “San Francisco Writer,” I suppose. So I’ll be wandering around this conference, too.

To my UK fans (and for whatever reason there seem to be more of you than US ones): I don’t expect to be back on that side of the world until perhaps late summer/fall 2013? I wish I could be more of a jetsetter, sure, but . . . Thanks, though, for the encouragement and love. I love all of you, too. One day, if we’re all very lucky, I’ll settle down on those shores for good.

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