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The Prophecy

Anyone remember this movie? I loved it. That’s not to say it was a good movie—it wasn’t. But then, neither was Highlander (sorry, folks, but really), and yet Gregory Widen still managed to capture a huge cult following for that one. Less with The Prophecy, but what interesting ideas Widen has. I like the way he thinks.

And of course I adore Christopher Walken.

I’m trying to remember the first time I saw Walken, and though it seems like the kind of thing you should clearly remember, I can’t. Saturday Night Live maybe? (That sketch with Tim Meadows as the census taker is classic.) But I’d seen Walken well before that. I remember catching part of an old movie set in Italy (Venice?) . . . The Comfort of Strangers. Now that was a strange movie. But again, I already knew who Walken was when I saw it (on television, at about age 15—I’d stopped flipping channels specifically because I saw Walken and wondered what the movie was).

Ah, well. Some people and things in your life just seem to be from forever, I guess. Like there’s no point of origin; they are omnipresent.

Then again, the idea of an omnipresent Christopher Walken is slightly disturbing.

But that’s what he’s great at as an actor, too. It’s what made him so great as Gabriel in The Prophecy. Angels are amazing creatures, and can be very good, but like anything holy and supernatural there is also something terrible about them. Walken managed that fine line very well in his role as Gabriel.

Did I see the other Prophecy movies? I think I saw the second one but I’m not convinced I saw the third.

Oh, and by the way, I can absolutely tell you the first time I ever saw Viggo Mortensen, and that was as Lucifer. Fucking creepy.



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