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Of Comic-Con and Graphic Novels

Pretty much everyone knows Comic-Con is happening in San Diego right now. (And there are a lot of Comic-Cons, I realize, but San Diego is really THE Comic-Con.) I’ve always wanted to go, and now that I have a home base on the West Coast, I’m thinking I might try to attend next year.

Mostly, I’m curious. I’ve been to conventions, though not in many, many years, and never one quite as large as Comic-Con. I even dressed up for a con once . . . An anime convention, it was, and a costume designer friend dudded me up as Touga from Shoujo Kakumei Utena. That was different.

I’ve attended a number of conventions as an invited guest, too. That’s usually fun because they get you a room and feed you and such (except once, in a time before cell phones were common, I was forgotten at the airport). It can be a little stressful, too, though, if you’re shy like I am and a bunch of people want pictures and for you to sign things. I really don’t mind, I’m just terribly awkward. Once you get me settled somewhere with a group of people I can really get to know, I’m much better. I like talking to people, but I hate superficial conversations; I want to get into the meat of things. Otherwise I just don’t see the point.

In any case, a friend of mine (we were coworkers at a big textbook publisher way back when) is now a graphic artist in Denver and makes the trek to Comic-Con every year. Wouldn’t mind stopping by his booth to check out his latest work. (If you’ve never read Byron, you should, it’s a hoot. And Karl’s style is singular.)

I’ve always wanted to try writing a graphic novel myself, but I have no idea how to go about it. I do have an idea for one, or a series of them rather, but I can’t draw—took lessons and everything, not like I haven’t tried, but my brain doesn’t work that way—and as I understand it, writing a comic or graphic novel script is different in some ways from, well, pretty much every other kind of writing. I do prose and I do plays and I do film and television scripts, but I’ve never even looked at a comic book “script” (if that’s what they’re called?) so I have no clue. Maybe I’ll look into it, though. Maybe this is how I’ll get back into writing. Just something completely different.



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  • One year, I’d love to go to Comic-Con. I see everyone tweeting and blogging about it right now. Lots of writing stuff going on. But I love everything else that comes with a con too. I could people watch all day.

    That would be awesome if you did a graphic novel. I’ve read some amazing stories in graphic novel form. I don’t read them enough, but I do enjoy a good one now and then.

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Comments (1)