Unpacking is like excavating, especially when someone else did all the boxing—you never know where anything is or what you might find. Like archaeology, it’s hard work, time consuming, but also can be fun and enlightening. I’ve found my old postcard collection (when did I stop buying postcards for it? not sure) and my coin collection . . . but not my old stamp collection yet. And I found these:Back when I was an undergrad, you see, I worked in a copy shop, and I got this idea to make placemats out of magazine photos. I blew the pictures up and laminated them, just a variety of images of things I liked, things that defined me and my situation as a film/television student. (You’ll see the two above are an old Steven Spielberg/Temple of Doom photo and one of Jeremy Brett from Granada’s Sherlock Holmes series.) My guests were usually surprised, if they hadn’t already been tipped off, and either thought it was a fun touch to meals/parties or else thought I was a bit strange. Or both.

I don’t know what I’ll do with these things now, though my son has asked for some of them—mostly manga and anime images—to be put on the walls of his room. I’ve outgrown a lot of the fannish tropes, though not my love for the art of film and television.

Most of it, of course, is books. And scripts. And more books. My Sherlock Holmes library, which is extensive . . . Many, many photo albums. Stacks of notebooks. I’m starting to lose hope of ever having enough bookshelves to fit it all. And then the media: DVDs and CDs and such. My God.

But right now I am looking out my office window at my little English garden and thinking: As soon as I have a chair . . . Because I have this lovely little table out there now:It’s cast iron and everything, heavy as sin, but I can’t wait to sit out there and work. My office is lovely, or it will be one day once it’s unpacked and adorned, but sometimes one just needs fresh air and sunshine and flowers and birds. It’s not the garden at St John’s Lodge or anything, but it’s the closest I’ll get out here. And I don’t have to share it.

I’ve gone off topic, but that’s all right, I’m really just procrastinating. Back to the trenches now. The sooner the site is dug, the sooner I can put the shards together.

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  1. That’s really neat about the placemats. I thought about making coasters one time, but we never use them and we rarely have people over, so I didn’t figure there was a point. =P

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