A Scene

HIM and HER lie in bed, on their sides, facing one another.

HER: What are you worried about?

HIM: I’m worried that I’m crazy. Or you are. Or maybe both of us.

HER: If it’s going to be either, it would be better if it were both.

HIM: Why’s that? Two crazy people would be worse than one.

HER: I think your real fear is that I’ll hurt you, or you’ll hurt me. Because deep down that’s your true definition of crazy: a person who hurts another person for no good reason.

HIM: There’s never a good reason.

HER: The person who has a reason always thinks it’s a good one. (beat) I’ll make you a promise, though: I won’t hurt you unless you hurt me first. Then the question becomes: are we both sane? Or are we both crazy?

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