Poking Fun

We all know I love my Matchbox Twenty boys (and yes, you can accuse me of having lousy taste in music if you like, but whatever, that’s beside the point). But when they launched their special little “announcement” on their site, I couldn’t help laughing. Because in my head I was picturing the band members—all of them a few years (some more than a few) older than me—sitting around coming up with ideas and saying stuff like:

“Maybe we could do, like, you know, some webisodes or something.”


“It’ll be like magnetic poetry with lyrics, only on the computer.”

And they’d be so earnest about it, too, as if these were really cool things.*

Oh my God, I love them. I want to invite them over and cook dinner for them. Except that would just be mean because I can’t cook.

“She’s so mean,” they’d say after hazarding whatever I happened to make.


*I’m not saying their site and “webisodes” are not cool. I just don’t think they’re as cool as the guys think they are. Either way, I’m excited for a new album and tour.

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