Karmic Balance

Found out this morning that a play I’d sent to Arundel for a festival had been short-listed . . . But ultimately rejected. Sigh.

But on the up side of the scales, an agency asked for my two sample scripts to review. So maybe something will come of that. They’re good scripts, solid, but as with all scripts and screenplays (and plays or novels or stories for that matter) it will take the right person to see the merit in them.

Today I will take a little time off to go enjoy some sun and fresh air. Maybe lift my spirits a bit.

2 thoughts on “Karmic Balance”

  1. I’m sorry about the rejection. It’s harder when you’re short-listed.

    Something else really odd and off-topic: I read your Sherlock entries, and I think of things to say to Sherlock, but then I don’t because I’m worried what he’ll say back to me. I don’t know if he really wants what he might deem silly or inane comments! =P

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