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Teaser Tuesday: The Raising

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Should Be Reading. The idea is to pick up your current read, go to a page at random, and post two teaser sentences. I picked up The Raising by Laura Kasischke at Target because I was desperate for something to read and the selection was limited. (Well, I should say, there were plenty of Harlequin-type romances and a lot of Nicholas Sparks books, plus a ton of YA supernatural stuff, but . . . my options were limited.)

I’ve been enjoying this book, though, and the quote on the back cover likens it to Tartt’s The Secret History, which I also really liked. This is the story of Craig, a college student who survived a car accident in which his girlfriend died . . . Except maybe she’s back . . .

From page 58:

Craig knew where he was now, but would he ever be able to shake the sense that the other world, the one he’d spent months living in, was still there? That back in that world, animals could talk, just not with their mouths?



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