Tarot: The Weaver Tarot (Journeyer Edition)

I saw this deck being used by an online tarot reader and I simply had to have it. I just felt so drawn to it. It is not an inexpensive deck, and I seldom treat myself to ones this costly, but every now and then I feel it’s worth the splurge.

The cards in this deck use holographic ink for the backgrounds and gold foil stamping for the images. That means, depending on the light, they’re not always easy to read. Still, I find them very worthwhile to own. They are of high quality card stock, with glittery gold edges. They are a somewhat large size, but I can shuffle them without problem.

This tarot has a direct, no-nonsense feel in responding to questions. In fact, when I did the deck interview, it told me that it would remain detached and give me a higher perspective on things. It’s not a touchy feely deck, despite its beauty. But sometimes that’s what you need: clear, impersonal answers.

The Weaver Tarot

For those who rely on imagery when reading cards, the symbols used here are a bit different and may take time to learn. There are seeds, roots, bones, teeth, among others. What’s particularly lovely is that the deck comes with a card that gives you keywords and shorthand for reading those symbols. And the booklet is also nicely done.

Also, the creators have worked to remove gendered language from these cards. Instead of the Empress and Emperor, we have the Pillar and Anchor. Instead of Queens and Kings, we have Sovereigns and Rulers.

This deck is from Threads of Fate, which also has some lovely oracle cards and other items. I promise they haven’t sponsored this in any way; I’m just always glad to find interesting new outlets.