Prioritizing Projects

I recently finished writing a short story. That felt nice because, for the first time in a seemingly long time, I had a completed project. The last project I finished was Faebourne a year ago. This year has not been great for getting any writing done. I’ve moved house, done house renovations (which are ongoing), juggled three kids at three different schools + their multitude of activities, gone on one family vacation… But writing hasn’t really happened.

Thing is, I do have a number of projects in the pipeline. Stuff I’ve started but have yet to finish, edits for repubs. In fact, I have so many, I don’t know where to focus.

  • Ms. Fortune (the new K-Pro book)
  • Mortleigh (working title; a new Regency romance)
  • Hunting Victor Frankenstein (novella based on the pilot screenplay)
  • The Lost God (an AElit novel)
  • Tales from AElit (anthology of myths and stories about AElit)
  • Changers: The Great Divide
  • Hamlette (rewrite)
  • The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (edit & repub)
  • The K-Pro (edit & repub)

People will say, “Work on the one you’re most excited about,” but I haven’t been excited about much of anything these days. Nor do I have any new idea lighting up the back of my brain and yearning to get out. It’s times like these I wonder if maybe I’m through being an author. If I can’t be excited about the work, if I have no stories and/or characters pushing to pour out of me…

Used to be, I’d lay in bed at night and, as I drifted off, characters and scenes would play through my head. That doesn’t happen anymore.

Some might say I should take a break, but this whole year has been one big break already.

Maybe I should try more short stories? If I can come up with any ideas for them. If I write enough of them, I can put out a new anthology at least. Not that I think people read anthologies anymore.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? What should I work on, or how should I find my motivation? Do you have any tips and tricks for jumpstarting the muse?