Books: In a House of Lies by Ian Rankin

I’ve never read any of Rankin’s books before; I happened upon this one in a library display. It looked interesting, so I borrowed it. And for the most part it was interesting. Though I don’t know if it was so interesting that I’d go read any of the previous books in the series.

So there’s this retired Scottish police detective named John Rebus. And there’s a DI named Siobhan Clarke who is kind of his protégée or something? She catches a murder case that for twelve years has been a misper (missing persons) but now a body has suddenly turned up. And Rebus worked on the original inquiry. So… yeah.

Even not having read any of the other books, I was able to follow this fine and discern/infer enough not to be confused. The mystery was a pretty good one, with Rebus getting a B plot in which he gets to poke around in one of Clarke’s old cases too. I guess my problem was that I didn’t particularly like any of the characters. They’re pretty dry, even at moments when they (I think) are supposed to be witty. So I don’t know that I’d want to revisit them. Then again, I read on Goodreads that this is something like the 22nd book in this series, so maybe the characters have simply atrophied. Maybe they’re way more interesting and engaging in earlier novels.

Anyway… an okay read, but nothing I’m in a hurry to devour more of.