An Author’s Birthday Wishes

So it’s my birthday this weekend, and like many authors I have a few modest wishes. Not that I expect readers to get me anything! But if you’re so inclined . . .

  1. Buy one of my books. For yourself or a friend. Or even just read it via Kindle Unlimited.
  2. Leave a review for one of my books on Amazon or Goodreads or your blog or wherever.
  3. Tell a friend about my books.
  4. Draw some fan art or write some fan fiction based on my work. Not all authors appreciate that, but I love it! Be sure to send me a link!
  5. Give to a charity. I particularly like to support animal rescues and environmental advocacy, but [almost] anywhere will do. I have enough—more than enough—and I’m really fortunate and grateful on that score. So donate to those who need it, or to causes that need the support.

And now it’s time for me to go blow out some candles and make one last wish: that my latest manuscript finds an agent. I’ve had some nibbles, so let’s see if I get any full-on bites.