So I had an agent for Hamlette. She really only had one place in mind to send the manuscript. That editor/publisher passed on it, and the agent recommended I simply self-publish. There were a couple of reasons for that. 1. She knew I’d self-published with moderate success in the past. 2. She told me she was too busy with other clients to keep submitting my work. (Also, YA was not her typical genre, so I suppose her contacts might have been limited. I had suggested other places to submit, but she didn’t want to do that.)

I won’t pretend this hasn’t been a blow. It feels like quite the knock back, in fact. That same agent had told me she’d get me placed on some conference panels, but that seems unlikely now as well.

As for Hamlette, I have some queries out to agents. And I’m also still considering self-publishing if I don’t receive any nibbles. But I’m feeling bruised right now and very tender, so I don’t think it’s quite the right time to make any big decisions. I’m going to focus on my upcoming birthday, and the holidays, and try to find the joy in those things instead of dwelling on this particular morass. Maybe things will appear clearer and brighter in the new year.