WIPjoy #8

8. Introduce the MC (share a pic)!

The main character is Hamlette Nerissa Dey. She goes by her middle name for obvious reasons. She’s sixteen, daughter of A-list actor Bryce Dey. Nerissa (Nissa for short) grew up with a certain amount of privilege, but throughout the novel she begins to see ways in which she’s been too self-centered. Through the events of the book, she matures.

Nerissa has reddish-brown hair. Her mother gives her grief for being a size 10, but Nissa is satisfied with her curves. (I feel like it’s important that not all our heroines be waifs.) I can really only borrow stock photos to try and create an image of her, since I’ve got no particular actress in mind. (Her dad is totally Hugh Jackman, though, and her evil uncle is Ethan Hawke.)

Here’s Nissa from the back—this is totally her hair, anyway. And this model comes fairly close to my mental image, at least in terms of attitude: