WIPjoy #2

2. Tell us about YOU.

Well, it’s all right here on this page under the “About” tab, but here’s a recap:

  • I’m an only child.
  • Grew up in Texas but with my extended family and roots in Southern Louisiana.
  • Went to the University of Texas at Austin, where I studied media, screenwriting, and Classics. Also psychology because I was particularly interested in how fans interact with the works they are fans of.
  • Became a semi-well known fan fiction author whose works appeared in several zines (back before the Internet, folks). Won some fanfic awards.
  • Had the best job ever at a little mom-and-pop shop that I swear should be the setting of a sitcom. Only job I ever had that I didn’t mind getting up and going to each day. (And yes, that includes writing.)
  • I studied parageography under my mentor Dr. Douglass Parker. He helped me create the world of AElit, which was part of my Master’s thesis.
  • Was part of the Shakespeare at Winedale program.
  • Also active in local community theatre.
  • I interned on the set of Hope Floats and worked for producer Lynda Obst. But instead of pursuing that career, I chose to go to graduate school at Emerson College in Boston.
  • Interned at Houghton Mifflin, and they hired me after I graduated.
  • Met my husband in my first ever Emerson class and knew immediately that he was the person I would marry. (We hadn’t even spoken to one another yet. But I’m the kind of girl who knows what she wants. I proposed to him.)
  • We did marry the day before graduation, so we missed our graduation ceremony because we were on our honeymoon. At Disney World.
  • Eventually left Houghton Mifflin to work at Pearson Education. But left publishing when I had my first child. Which is when I began writing again.
  • First publications were in 2004: one short story in a magazine, two poems in other magazines.
  • Taught Shakespeare, mythology, and creative writing to elementary and middle schoolers (ages 9-14) for several summers at a local community college.
  • Moved to California in 2012 and self-published my first story (“Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Last Line,” which was a story I’d written in 1999 as part of my graduate school application). It did pretty well, and I felt encouraged, so I kept writing and publishing.
  • Now here I am with three kids, two cats, and a hamster. Six published works (4 self-published, 2 small press), a WIP in the hopper, and more work than I can shake a stick at.
  • Oh, and I’ve had plays I’ve written produced, and one was made into a short film.
  • And I’ve won a screenwriting award and had a script given a professional table read at Sundance. (Still trying to get someone to actually film it, though.)
  • I still do freelance editing work as well.

And of course you can find all my work on my Amazon page. (Or under the “Books” tab on this site.) I write in a number of genres: fantasy, mystery, historical romance. Whatever strikes my preference. Hopefully you find something you like!