Beta Readers Wanted

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve finished the draft of Hamlette! Very soon now I will be looking for people to read it and provide feedback as I spruce it up.

What does being a beta reader entail? I will send two to three chapters at a time (or the entire manuscript if you prefer). You’ll have a week to read what I’ve sent, and then we’ll do a little interview in which you tell me what you think. What you like, don’t like, etc. What works for you, what you don’t understand. The interviews will likely be via online chat or Google hangout or something like that. Yes, you get to really and truly interact with me! If that scares you, I can also just send a questionnaire. But I find it more helpful to have a kind of conversation with my beta readers.

Anyway, feel free to contact me if this interests you, or else be on the lookout for a sign-up sheet to be posted soon.