WIPjoy #11

From a side character: what’s the most pain (physical or emotional) you’ve been in?

George Fitzbert has volunteered to answer. He is Duncan’s best friend, if Duncan has such a thing; Duncan mostly keeps to himself, an awkward outsider in the world.

So, George, what is the most pain you’ve been in?

George: It’s rather constant, actually. A persistent pain of the heart at not having found the love I crave. Not that I’ve lacked opportunity! Many a miss has thrown herself at my head over the years of London Seasons. Alas, while I can understand the need to marry and progenerate for the sake of my family name . . . If I may be delicate, let us just say my heart leans in a different direction.

As the author, I have a sneaking suspicion where you’re going to end up, George, and I think you’re going to enjoy it.