WIPjoy #10

From the antagonist: happiest memory?

Who is the antagonist in Faebourne? The whole Milne family? The brothers did abduct Duncan, after all. I guess that makes them antagonistic.

All right then, we’ll ask Richard Milne first.

Richard: I remember being happy as a child. I have not been happy since.

Um . . . okay . . . Edward Milne?

Edward: I was happy just the other day when we had fresh strawberry jam for the toast at breakfast. I do so love when there’s fresh jam!

Uh-huh. Well, then, how about Adelia?

Adelia: My happiest memory is of Duncan coming to stay at Faebourne. It really is just so lovely to have company.

Even company you have to kidnap?

Adelia: Sometimes people don’t realize they want to be somewhere until you make them go.

Right . . .