IWSG: Stranger Things

It’s time again for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Posts go up the first Wednesday of each month. Read more posts and/or join in here.

I’m insecure about everything these days. Writing and publishing feels like such a minefield. One false move… The key is to always go back to why I’m writing and find the joy in it. That’s harder to do some days more than others. I worry about whether anyone will like what I’m working on, whether anyone even cares, what if it doesn’t sell, what if this is all for naught? I have to continually remind myself that it’s never for naught if I enjoy it and am satisfied. I’m not looking to make millions (though I wouldn’t say no to that, either); I’m just looking to put my heart into something. And share it. And hope at least a few people get something out of it.

And I have the Bay Area Book Festival next month. What if no one comes to my table? What if no one wants to talk to me, and I just sit there in the heat all day? Ugh. Why did I even sign up to do this?

Oh! But I’m never insecure about doing interviews and guest posts! And today I’m being interviewed by a squirrel! So come take a look!

Question of the Month: What is the weirdest/coolest thing you ever had to research for your story?

Um… No idea. Spy stuff for Peter? Animal classifications for Manifesting Destiny? Right now I’m having fun with fairy lore as I write Faebourne… I don’t know how much I’ll use, but it sure is entertaining! And very easy to fall down that rabbit hole and forget to get on with my writing!