WIPjoy #1

I’m a bit late starting this, but I’m going to be taking you through my WIP Faebourne, which is another Regency romance akin to Brynnde. In fact, this being the first WIPjoy post, let me introduce Faebourne properly.

This is the story of Duncan Oliver, a damoiseau in distress. (Well, he’s not French, but what exactly is the opposite of “damsel” or “damoiselle”?) He’s been abducted by the Milne brothers and taken to the Milne family estate of Faebourne. Duncan isn’t sure why he’s there, but there are plenty of strange stories about the Milnes to fuel his imagination. Some say the Milnes come from a line of fairy blood. Some say they’re simply crazy and it runs in the family.

Richard and Edward Milne have a lovely young sister named Adelia, rumored to be a changeling, and she may be the strangest of them all . . . Duncan finds himself torn between the desire to escape and the odd fascination he develops for Faebourne and its inhabitants . . .