Read Self-Published!

April is Read Self-Published Month, meant to encourage readers to try indie authors and self-published books. It can be so difficult to break into this business, which is an odd thing to say since it’s easier than ever to publish a book. The hard part comes in getting anyone to read those books!

That is where you, the reader, come in. We authors know you have a lot of options and there is a lot to sift through. How do you decide what to read? Do you browse a bookstore or library? Do you get recommendations from friends? Are you willing to try something you haven’t heard about yet, or an author you’ve never heard of? Do you base the decision on price or star ratings, or some combination of these things, or something else entirely? It’s so very helpful to us authors to know! So we appreciate you telling us! (Leave an answer in the comments.)

As for me, I was first published in magazines and literary journals, then ventured into self-publishing, then had a couple books picked up by small publishers. You can see my full writing history here. My latest book is again self-published, mostly because I’ve had greater success self-publishing than elsewise. Brynnde is a Regency romance and it’s getting great reviews, so I hope you’ll consider giving it a try (you can read it for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited). If that’s not your thing, I also write mystery and fantasy. See all my books on my Amazon page.

And if you’re visiting this site as a self-published author yourself, go ahead and read my post on “winning” at publishing.

Thank you for stopping by as part of Read Self-Published Month! Be sure to keep checking the Facebook page for more books, authors, giveaways, etc.