Q&A and Review

Today I’m over at Eskie Mama answering a few questions about how I deal with writer’s block and what inspires me. Check it out and enter to win that $15 gift card! AND . . . I’ve received a lovely review of Brynnde on Nancy Fraser’s site. There’s another Q&A there, too, and yet more…


Thank you SO MUCH for helping Brynnde win the weekly Creme de la Cover contest! Thanks to you, she’s now in the finals for the month of April. So I’m begging one more time for votes. Even if you voted before, you can vote again now. Please, please, PLEASE! And then I promise to shut…

Brynnde‘s next blog stop!

Today I’m over at T’s Stuff with another interview. And don’t forget to enter to win that $15 gift card! And then why not zip over to the Creme de la Cover contest and vote for Brynnde‘s gorgeous cover? I think my designer deserves a little recognition! Thank you for all your support!

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I’d really appreciate your support in this cover contest! You do have to register with the site to vote, but it’s free and I promise they don’t spam you. Plus, you get to vote in new cover contests each week! And don’t forget that you can read Brynnde for FREE via Kindle Unlimited!