WIP Wednesday

From my Regency romance Brynnde:

“Maman wants me to marry Mr. Dallweather,” said Brynnde with a quick look at Violet.

Julia noticed and gave Violet a quick, speculative look as well before returning her attention to Brynnde. “But you would rather not.” It was a statement, not a question.

“He is very kind, but we have nothing in common,” Brynnde said. “He likes dogs but does not keep horses—”

“He would let you keep horses, though,” Julia posited.

“I don’t know,” Brynnde admitted. “I suppose. He’s much older—”

“Steady, then,” said Julia. “Unlikely to wander.”

Brynnde stared at her.

“I’m only imagining all the arguments being made for the match,” Julia allowed. “All the reasons you don’t want to marry him have claims in their favor as well.”

“You should go into law,” said Brynnde.

Never Look Back

I’m going to admit that, aside from needing to check a quote or make sure of details when writing a sequel, I almost never go back and read my old work.

Maybe (probably?) a lot of writers are this way. For me, it’s about not tangling my brain up with wishing I’d written something differently or mentally hanging myself over mistakes. I figure if I think it’s good, it probably isn’t as good as I remember, so re-reading it will only shatter my illusions. And if I already know it’s not very good, why go back and chew my heart out over it? Better to just keep moving forward.

I’m the same with watching myself on screen. I have videos . . . somewhere . . . of my stage work, but I’ve never watched them.

Jackson Browne has a line in his song “These Days”: Don’t confront me with my failures, I have not forgotten them. And so I don’t confront myself any more than I’d want others to. Maybe that’s cowardly. But hopefully I’ll have learned from previous mistakes* and my writing will get better as I go along.

*Provided I don’t keep making the same mistakes again and again. Continuing to write is not enough; progress comes through change, not through doing more of the same.

WIP Wednesday

Yesterday I started writing again for the first time in weeks, and it felt really good. It can be difficult for me to carve out solid writing time in the summer with the kids home. At the very least, I was able to finish a chapter of Brynnde I’d left hanging. In this scene Brynnde and her friends Julia and Violet are cooling off on a hot day by wading in a fountain:

Julia grabbed her arm and laughingly swung her into her dance. Though normally an adept dance partner, in this instance Brynnde was taken off guard . . . and off balance. She spun and landed on her bottom in the water, her skirts buoyed briefly like Ophelia’s, then sinking.

Choose a Side

13613511_1725227184393883_5233267834529874757_o My conference badge ribbons arrived yesterday. They show two of the Clans from Changers. There are many more Clans, and I may yet make more ribbons, but these two—think of them as the Montagues and Capulets. And think of Cee and Marcus as the star-crossed lovers.

How can you get a ribbon? Well, you can come to either the Writer’s Digest Conference or InD’Scribe. And there will be other ways that I will post later.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here are the character profiles I’ve written:


I’ve also made a little quiz to assign you one of four possible Clans. (Note: you’ll have to log in to get your result, but you can do so with Facebook.)

Changers Character Profile: Livian

#7 in my ongoing series of character profiles for my forthcoming YA fantasy novel Changers: Manifesting Destiny.

Livian is a dragon. He’s young, snarky, and lives inside Cee, which is uncomfortable for both of them. Worse still, Livian has a natural dislike and distrust of Magi, and Cee’s best friend (and crush) Marcus is a Magus. Livian’s answer to just about any problem is to eat people, and Cee has her work cut out for her trying to keep Livian under control. But when Cee is given the chance to possibly have Livian forcibly removed, she has to ask herself whether she’d rather succumb to peer pressure and do the easy thing, or is she ready to embrace her true nature, difficult and unpopular as it may be?